Mission Statement

  • ISAS has been founded in 2003 and is headed by Prof. Uwe D. Hanebeck
  • Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in machine learning under uncertanties
  • We are dedicated to research-oriented teaching and offer a wide variety of courses
  • Topics: Distributed/decentralized data and information fusion, nonlinear state estimation, system modeling & identification, model predictive control
  • Applications: Localization, robotics, telepresence systems, virtual/mixed reality, aircraft surveillance, industrial sorting, predictive maintenance and anomaly detection




Markus Walker joins the ISAS lab.

Ziyu Cao

Ziyu Cao joins the ISAS lab.

Best Paper FUSION 2022

Kailai Li, Florian Pfaff, and Uwe Hanebeck received the Jean-Pierre Le Cadre Best Paper Award, First Runner-Up of the "25th International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion 2022), Linköping, Sweden" for the paper Circular Discrete Reapproximation.

Certificate (PDF)

DFG to Fund Eight New Research Units in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

Sophisticated processes are required for high-quality, cost-efficient production. Since experimentation has to be done in order to achieve this, development has been particularly costly up to now, especially when new materials and processes are used, the production process is highly complex, or no mature models are available. The systematic use of AI has the potential to be cheaper, faster and more efficient. For this reason, the Research Unit AI-based methodology for the rapid upgrading of immature production processes will set out to look for fundamentally new solutions in this area. (Spokesperson: Professor Dr. Jürgen Beyerer, University of Karlsruhe)

Rosenthal Promotion

Florian Rosenthal successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation "Stochastic Control for Cooperative Cyber-Physical Networking". The thesis has been co-advised and co-examined by Prof. Dr. Daniel Quevedo, Queensland University, Australia.